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The bathlift was received and in great shape…it works very well and is very easy to use. my mother loves it, it is the first time in several years that she has been able to get down into the yes we are thrilled with it.

Toni S  Terre Haute, IN


I am an 88 year-old woman living in a studio apartment alone. Your integrity and the integrity of your products has changed my life. TheDeltis Bathlift I bought from you is theanswer to again being able to get into and out of the bathtub safely. 

It came promptly and was beautifully packed. Your two videos made it easy to unpack and install. There is no 'assembly'! :-) 

I'm again able to soak, semi-reclined, with thewater up to my chin! One of the joys of my life and the unit is really simple to clean and recharge. I hope you all know what a difference you are


Luise V.  Stanwood, WA


The Acorn Stairlift was easy to install.  Great Value for the money.  Very happy with purchase.  

Mary Ann P Collegeville, PA


The Bellavita bath tub lift it has been a real blessing as now I am able to take a bath again it was money worth spending thanks for everything

Patia G Alexander, AR


Received the Acorn Stair lift the other day I will be going to Southern California this weekend to install for my mom . Thanks for the fantastic service I will contact you after install

Barry J Grass Valley, CA


Hi, I just wanted to be sure you got my comments on my Deltis Bath Lift. I hope I didn't mis-send it. It was, for me, a large purchase. I did a lot of research and gave it a lot of thought. You were so kind to me on the phone and so was your husband. Carlos' videos also helped me a great deal. If you didn't get my comments, please let me know and I will resend them. Regards, Luise V Starwood, WA


So far my husband has used the Minivator Bath Lift two times. He is in home hospice and has limited mobility. He really likes being able to sit a while in the tub. I wish we had gotten it months ago.
Nadine G Woodbury, MN

We received the Acorn stair lift 2 days after we ordered it. You have an incredibly fast service. My husband installed the lift in less than 3 hours and now our life is much easier.
Sharon R Cherry, IL
We received the Deltis bath chair very quickly and it was just as advertised. We have a 13 year old daughter and this bath chair was perfect for what we needed. It has made bath time easy for us all. Especially my wife's back.
Thanks so much.
Chuck P Albertville, AL



Thank you so much for your service. Your parts got out bath lift back in working order. You have no idea how much we appreciate finding you and locating a system that put the lift back in motion.
Many thanks,
Connie M Idaho Falls, ID

We received the Bellavita bath chair and it has been used a few times, it works great, very happy with it and it was very easy to get up and running.  So far so good.


Annette J Greenfield, IN


The replacement handset and charger for the bath tub lift arrived and I charged the unit for 24 hours.  The mechanism worked great.

I thank you for such great service, timely shipping and over all help.  I will recommend you to my friends. 

Marion W Beaverton, OH


When we used it for the first time we noticed that without the seat cover it was easier for our daughter to pull herself onto the bath seat in a stable seated position. As well, we notice that at its lowest the Rio Bath Lift was lower inside the bathtub which will save us a little hot water here and there.

We find that this home bath lift operates much more quite than the Aquatec Fotuna. Part of the reason I believe is because the chair simply moves up and down the almost vertical frame vs the more complex composition of the former bath lift.

Dan P Maple Valley, WA


My wife is very impressed with the bath lift! It's just wonderful, it's the first time in years that she has been able to soak in the tub. She can soak her legs and her back. It's so relaxing, It helps her sleep better at night.


Glyn L Wichita, KS


I am very pleased with how quickly I received the bath lift. It has made a difference for me. Unfortunately my tub is not suited for the lift. It is nothing that has to do with the lift its self, it just the type of tub I have. I will be investing in a new tub that works better with the lift.  Other than that it's great that I can sit and soak.


Emma E Laurel, MS


I am very impressed with the bath lift. It's just wonderful, I had a double knee replacement and bad arthritis. This helps me out so much. I love being able to soak in the tub. Before I was able to get in but getting out was very hard. Today I don't have that problem.


John J Mt Sterling, KY


This is Elsie's son, Bob. She has used the bath tub chair several times and it works great. We need the optional Swivel & Slide and would like to order one.

Bob K St Albans, WV


I received the Bellavita bathtub lift in a timely manner. It was very easy to install and took no time at all. I am very happy with the Drive Bellavita bathtub lift.
Thanks again,  

Marie M    Dallas, TX


The Bath lift works great and has enabled my father to be more independent.

Jeannine  McD    Glenolden, PA


I wanted to thank you for your assistance and great customer services. I purchased the Bellavita Bath Lift for my dad last week and we love it. We also loved how fast the chair arrived.
Thank you so much for the great service, great product and great shipping.  
Irene S    Lincoln, NE


The Bath Tub Lift got here in one day.... My wife LOVES it. Our tub has a course non-slip bottom. The chair works good  with that . The suction cups do not hold real firm, but the chair is stable. (use common sense) My wife sits on the bottom and tilts the back to her comfort. Getting out is easy. Raise the chair to the desired height, grab the handicap bar and get out. By the way, my wife is 81 years old and has several artificial joints and a bad back. I appreciate help and concern that you have shown. ... It is nice to call and get a person on the phone that know what they are talking about.
Bud H     Franklin, WI


I shopped several web sites. You gave me the absolute best deal on an Acorn stair lift. You shipped it the same day and it arrived quickly. Thanks for providing such a great product.

Ed B       Franklin, NC


The bath lift is wonderful. My wife is able to soak as long as she wants.Max C        Havere, MT

Thanks for providing such great produducts. We ordered a Bellavita bath tub lift, Summit stair lift and Tush Push commode lift from you. Everything was exactly as described. Your staff has been very helpful when I called with questions.
Marilee C    Western Springs, IL******************************************************
I ordered an Acorn stair lift from you seven years ago. I can't imagine living without it. Thank you so much for being there for me.
Ara A         Duarte, CA**********************************************************
The stair lift and bath lift have made life so much easier.....
Richard B     Worcester, MA
Someone told me I would have to pay over $10000 for a custom stair lift for my L shaped steps. You provided a solution for less than half!
Karen B      Pickerington, OH********************************************************
After having thought of the various scenarios for the commode adaptation, we decided to just buy a toilet basin and mount it on a piece of plywood which would sit in the living room.  It was, cheaper, more stable and familiar for my father and we use the toilet as the commode.  But thanks for all your help in advising us. 
My father who was diagnosed with IBM (Inclusion Body Myositis) a few years ago initially had reservations about the Tush Push, but reluctantly agreed to try it out.  This disease is a deterioration of the skeletal muscles, and he was having major problems getting up and down off the toilet.  Well, the Tush Push passed the test with flying colors, and now my father can't live without it.  It has been such a gift and blessing to him over these years.  I think that Barry Phillips is a genius who has provided the world with an invention that truly serves humanity.   
Julie C

I have just found and purchased a Tush Push. It is a toilet seat that lifts up by an electrical actuator. It works really great, and will lift a person from the sitting position to almost standing. It is made by Phillips Lift Systems.
Michael C
This device is easy to use, fits in small spaces and is adjustable for smaller & larger people. It gives an extra boost from a sitting position & the legs can be raised high enough to give a person with weakened legs & arms the ability to stand! It's the best device we have purchased for the home! It's gives the caretaker a break from boosting a loved one up & gives the disabled a sense of personal freedom. Delivery was speedy too!!
Nancy      Parker, CO********************************************************
"The Tush Push 20-AC has arrived and because I was concerned about the weight listed on the box I had my son in law weigh himself abd then hold the Tush Push 20-AC and it weighed 47# so I'm ok with it. My husband had a big smile on his face when he was able to nearly stand up for the first time rising. We are leaving the potty at about halfstaff so sitting is even easier. Thank you for your prompt attention. We'll be telling our friends about this wonderful aid and you may get more orders.We are in a retirement community in San Antonio, Tx with about 650 residents and nobody had ever heard of this product. I agree, if you have a lift chair in the living room this will certainly make life much easier for everyone.
Louis G
I am 60 and have been experiencing further weakness as I age, due to polio. A few years ago I replaced my standard commode with a "tall" model, which worked fine for a few years. As time passed, I needed to put a "seat riser" on top of my tall commode for me to get up without assistance. This worked for a few months, but the riser was unsightly and difficult to keep clean. As further weakness occurred, again, I was faced with being unable to rise from a commode without assistance. How embarrassing!


After researching on the Internet, I discarded most of them because of lack of features, poor quality, or exorbitant prices. I chose Phillips Lifts Systems "Tush Push." Mr. Phillips, contacted me by email and telephone and inquired about my circumstances and needs. He said he would ship a "Tush Push" to me the following day, when it arrived, to try it out and let him know how it went and if I had any questions about it.

My wife installed it on our commode, and within 30 minutes, I was "trying it out." It worked beautifully for me. I have even carried it on trips and used it in motel rooms. The design and the craftsmanship is flawless and the price is affordable. The "Tush Push" has given me back some independence I had lost and that is priceless."

Jim N


I just wanted to give you an update the bath lift chair is GREAT!!!! At first my mother was VERY reluctant to try it but once I had her on the chair she was quite pleased. Extremely smooth running I was worried about jerkiness of movement).It makes getting in out of the bathtub so much easier and safer. Thank you for this fine product
Bill C New York, NY

The bath lift is wonderful I use it all the time now. I'ts great and works wonderful. This was a great buy for my husband, it makesbathing much easier for him.
Sharon S  San Francisco, CA
The Minivator 311 is the best thing since sliced bread for my mother. Very happy with this purchase. I ordered it on Monday, received it Wednesday. I can't wait to open up the box, but I must refrain until I get moved (moving out of state, after living in illinois for more than 40 years. This will be the best thing to look forward to when I get moved into my new home...thank you very much for a great product and a great price.
Charlene W   Chicago, IL

We have used the lift and we are satisfied beyond expectations. My brother can actually do the operation himself once he has been seated. It also options up the full depth for a bath and not just access to the shower. In closing, I would like to thank Carlos for the customer service.
Martha J     Houston, TX
Just wanted to let you know that the wife tells me every day how much she loves the Bath Bliss 311 tub lift chair that we purchased from you. It is quiet, safe, and goes extremely high for easy use and extremely low in order to set deeper in the water. Best product we have purchased in a long time

It arrived the next day to my Mother, and she has used it several times, loves the security that she can get in and out of the tub safely. Her grandson put it together in minutes and charged up the battery.
Stella P      Milwaukee, WI
My mother-in-law LOVES her Minivator Bath Bliss 311 and tells me thank you every time she sees me. It has definitely improved her quality of life. This is the best present I ever bought for her..
Mary D        Manchester, MO

Dear John, I got the Bath lift the other day. My mom was really surprised. She just tried it out and told me it was great. It is the best things she gotten in a long time.
Michael S     Lafayette, LA
My sister is a Mail Carrier and has told several people. They have asked for information about it. I will give then the web address and let my sister borrow the owners manual to show them.
Ed M     Colfax, NC

The lift arrived in good shape and after the initial charge we did a couple dry runs and then used it. My mother has used it several times and is extremely happy with the ability to take a bath vs. a shower again. Thank you for all your assistance.
Maria V    Albuquerque, NM


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