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Safety Shelters and Safe Rooms


Protection From Storms and Intruders



Folding Hide-Away Shelter

Folds to 19"

Withstand F-5 Tornado

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Hide Away Stationary Shelter

Anchors to a concrete slab with heavy-duty grade anchors capable of withstanding 45,000 lbs of lifting force

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Protecting Our School Children





The solution to school security we’ve all been looking for …

  • Provides complete protection, even from military grade weapons
  • Fast, convenient and effective
  • Protects an entire classroom – not just a single person
  • Does not involve more guns as part of the solution – no armed guards
  • No ongoing expenses – salaries for security guards
  • One-time cost, low maintenance

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The Hide-Away Safe Room

Can provide safe haven for students, faculty and staff in the event of an intruder. It only takes up 19″ of floor space from the wall.

A Solution That Will Protect

In the event of an alarm, it deploys in just seconds, and is capable of holding an entire classroom, up to 25 students and a teacher.




Hide-Away® Storm Shelter – Choose either our patent-pending, space saving, folding unit that pops out from the wall in as little 3 seconds – or our stationary model that can be configured in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit your needs.  All of our Hide-Away Storm Shelter models are certified to provide protection from devastating F-5 tornadoes.  Every shelter is also rated for NIJ Level IIIA ballistic protection* (all handgun and shotgun rounds).

Stationary Units
•    Economical
•    Modular design
•    Installs in any room
•    Can be expanded/modified to accommodate evolving needs.
•    Variety of shape/configurations to accommodate different space requirements

Folding Units
•    Folds against wall when not in use
•    Frees up valuable floor space
•    Patent pending design
•    Deploys quickly – under 10 seconds

School Safe Rooms
•    Folds against wall when not in use
•    Deploys quickly – under 10 seconds
•    Holds up to 25 students and a teacher
•    Located in the classroom for fast, safe access
•    Ballistic protection from armed intruders*
•    Tested to withstand F5 tornadoes

Safety Features For All Units:
• Certified to withstand F5 tornadoes
• Tested at National Wind Institute (NWI)
• Meets FEMA 321/360 and ICC 500
• Made of 1/4” steel
• 1” locking pins and 1” continuous hinge
• 3/4” diameter grade 5 bolts
• Durable powder coat finish
• Ventilation hoods
• Modular bolt-together design
• Anchors securely to concrete slabs
• Electrical ground stud
• Above-ground shelter – doesn’t flood
• ATSA listed
• Third party engineering certified

* Hide-Away shelters/safe rooms provide two levels of protection from armed intruders. The standard units (folding and stationary) are made of 1/4” thick steel to provide NIJ Level IIIA protection against hand guns and shotguns, which make up 90% of violent crimes, according to a Bureau of Justice Statistics Special Report. If you want protection from high caliber and armor piercing rounds, you can order the Ballistic Option, which uses military grade steel that is used in combat vehicles to provide NIJ Level III protection up to 7.62 NATO rounds (.308 caliber).