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Handicare Gemino 30 Rollator


The State-of-the art rollator that lets you be yourself

Gemino 30 stands out. The original 100% rollator from Handicare will exceed your expectations when it comes to comfort, safety and design. Its modern design styling expresses quality and class. A perfect fit with your active lifestyle.

With our award-winning Gemino 30, you will get ‘the best of the best’. Combining indoor manuverability with outdoor performance, this lightweight rollator will truly enhance your independence and quality of life. Choose your favourite colour, and add your choice of accessories. A matching bag, a practical crutch holder or a comfortable back support? It’s all up to you!

This award winning design is the absolute best rollator on the market today. The manufacturer will not allow us to post our low prices online Call 800-514-5774 to buy it for less.

Three Convenient Sizes

Pink Gemino 30S Walker from

Gemino 30 S

For clients 4'-5'5"

Choose from 4 colors

Champagne Gemino 30M Walker from

Gemino30 M

For users 4'5"-5'7"

3 colors to choose from

Blue Gemino 30 Walker from

Gemino 30

For Users 4'11"-6'7"

Comes in 6 colors



Easy to operate

With its stable and firm construction, Gemino increases mobility and encourages activity.

The seat sling is a mesh design, making it easy to see when you walk.

Anatomically designed handgrips with brakes make the rollator and brakes easy to operate.



Easy to adjust

Correct height adjustment of the rollator is important for achieving the best upright walking position. Height adjustment is performed without use of any tools; pull out the handle, make the adjustment, release the handle. The push handle height is automatically and safely locked in the chosen position (Patent pending).

Easy to transport

Low weight, only 7.1 kg, and small external dimensions when folded make Gemino easy to transport. Gemino has a self-locking folding mechanism that works in both folded and unfolded position (Patent pending).


Excellent design

The things we surround ourselves with are important for how we are perceived. Gemino's attractive appearance appeals to all user groups. Handicare's design work not only emphasis es giving the product an attractive appearance, but achieving good, self-explanatory and practical features. Gemino's many excellent design details include built-in reflectors that make the rollator visible in the dark from every angle. Another feature is the basket, which is standard on Gemino and can be detached and used as a shopping bag, complete with functional pockets. Gemino is the winner of red dot - best of the best 2011 and iF product design award 2011.


Easy maintenance and reuse

All surfaces are smooth and therefore easy to clean. The seat sling is made of plastic and dries quickly after cleaning. Full range of functional accessories.

Environmentally friendly

Gemino is designed for a long product lifetime, which is one of the best ways to avoid waste and spare the environment. The main constituent of the rollator is aluminium with a highly durable hard anodising surface. All the materials and parts are prepared for easy and safe dismantling and sorting for recycling.


Back Support

High Tech Bag

Oxygen Cylinder Basket

Crutch Holder


Slow Down Brake

Speed Control


Universal Fitting

for bottle holders and more



Gemino 30 Silver Grey Bag
Gemineo 30 Silver Black Bag, Backrest
Gemino 30 Champagne, Backrest
Gemino 30 Pink, P Backrest
Gemino 30 Pink Pink Bag, Backrest
Gemino 30 Silver Grey Bag, Backrest
Gemino30 Black, Backrest
Gemino30 Black Grey Bag, Backrest
Gemino 30 Blue, Backrest
Gemino 30 Blue Midnight blue Bag, Backrest
Gemino 30 Bronze, Backrest
Gemino 30 Bronze Brown Bag, Backrest
Gemino 30 Silver, Backrest
Gemino 30 Black
Gemino 30 Black Grey Bag
Gemino 30 Midnight blue
Gemino 30 Bronze Brown Bag
Gemino 30 Champagne
Gemineo 30 Silver Black Bag, Backrest
Gemino 30 Champagne, Backrest
Gemino 30 Bronze Brown Bag, Backrest
Gemino 30 Silver, Backrest
Gemino 30 Pink
Gemino 30 Pink Pink Bag
Gemino 30 Silver Black Bag