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Senior, Elder Care & Disability Care Products

We take great pride in offering products that we know will make a difference in your everyday life, as well as in the lives of your family and friends. When someone like you is browsing our website, we understand that it is almost always based off a need versus a want.

Rarely do we hear from someone that just “had to have” a Powered Wheelchair, or a Bath Tub Lift. It’s always because either they, or a family member, or a friend is in need of one. With respect to that, we do our best to find the product that is best going to serve your needs. Be it a Manual Wheelchair, Stair Lift, Scooter, or Walker.

Whatever the need, we can help find the best possible solution. We can also advise you if there are other accessories, matching your original order, which will provide even more ease of accessibility.

For instance, if you purchased a Bath Tub Lift we would recommend a Swivel And Slide transfer board. Or, if you purchased a Portable Ramp, we would recommend a Threshold Ramp. Both working together to provide easier accessibility for the injured, disabled, handicapped, elderly, or assistance in everyday life.


Listed below are a few of our products and a short description:

Bath Tub Lifts: Bathtub lifts allow you easy in and out access of your bathtub. We have Bath Tub lifts that recline and those that are fixed-back. All of our Bathtub lifts come with the satisfaction of a great warranty! Both options allow the user the therapeutic opportunity of soaking in the bath tub.

Bathtub lifts are an amazing alternative to the walk in bathtub. A walk in bathtub can run you into the 10’s of thousands by the time you factor in a complete bathroom remodel, electrical, and plumbing. Also, walk in bathtubs are not portable and when preparing for the bath you have to get in and empty tub and wait for all the water to drain before you can leave.

Stair Lifts: Stair lifts are chairs that help an elderly or handicapped person get up and down a flight of stairs. Such devices may make the difference between an elderly person being able to stay in their home and being forced to move to an assisted living facility. Stair lifts make it possible for anyone that is elderly, handicapped, or immobile to get in, out, and around the house. It beings back independence where none existed before.

Commodes: We offer a variety of commodes to fit your unique situation. Whether it is the uplift commode assist can be used as a standalone or over a toilet, or, the TP10 and TP20 that lift you to a near standing position, you can be sure that it will get the job done!

Scooters and Power Wheelchairs: Scooters and Power Wheelchairs are a great mode of transportation for those who have limited mobility. Our Scooters and Power Wheelchairs work great indoors and outdoors. We provide both in the following categories: compact, mid-sized, and large. They are all customizable and designed to fit your individual needs.

Portable Ramps: Why buy an extravagant ramp system when a portable will work just fine. Our trustworthy portable ramps are designed to carry a staggering 700lbs. They don’t weigh much at all and can be easily folded for safe storage. They also come standard with a full anti-slip surface as well as a top adapter plate and raised curb guards. All of this to insure a safe and easy access point.

Portable Showers:  Portability and Accessibility have made our showers the best option when normal bathing are not an option. Like our bathtub lifts, remodeling your entire bathroom is nothing you have to even consider. You will still the luxury of privacy and warm water. Waste water is pumped into the sink or toilet. After bath, you fold the shower up and store it away.

Walkers and Rollators:  Our state of the art designed walkers and Rollators are second to none. They provide you with indoor maneuverability and outdoor performance. They are lightweight and fold easy. They are also customizable in appearance and features. We are confident that our Rollators and Walkers will truly enhance your independence and quality of life.

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Safety Shelters: A new product line for us is Safety Shelters.