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Tall Wheelchair Accessible Portable Shower




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Tall Model Portable Shower from



Although the LiteShower™ Tall Model is wheelchair accessible, it is largely used as a general purpose portable shower, such as:

  1. A portable shower that can be set up quickly anywhere in a home
  2. A mobile shower in an emergency shelter
  3. A quick shower in a warehouse in case of chemical spill (Hazmat shower)

The Tall Model measures 6 feet tall, which allows a person to walk in the shower and bathes just like a normal shower. The shower does allow a wheelchair to enter and exit easily because of the collapsible shower tray.

The shower itself works exactly like the Standard Model.

 Tall Model Portable Shower from 2    Tall Model Portable Shower from 3Tall Model Portable Shower from 7  Tall Model Portable Shower from 8

What's included:
(1) handheld shower head with 7' hose
(1) adaptor to connect hose to faucet
(1) divert valve to connect hose to existing shower
(1) flexible wheelchair-accessible shower tray
(1) pair of shower screens with sliding curtains and hook
(1) pump with hose, filter for water water disposal


1. faucet adaptor (aerator type) has both male and female threads
2. Handheld shower head and faucet adaptor are pre-assembled
2. Shower screens require a one-time assembly with a screwdriver
3. Pump and hose connection required no tool (hand tightening only)

  • Design for people to stand up in the shower
  • Tray size: 3 ft wide by x 4 ft long
  • Tray weight: < 4 lbs
  • (2) bi-fold shower screens
  • Overall height: 6 ft tall
  • Each screen folded size: 6' tall x 4' wide x 2" thick
  • Each screen weight: 6 lbs
  • portable handicap showersOne-year warranty
  • UPC: 719926241885


Case Study:

1. A church in Washington D.C. serves hot meals to the homeless. They want to add a shower in one of the bathrooms. They chose the LiteShower™ Tall Model because it costs far less than a permanent shower, and more importantly, can be folded away when not needed.

2. Laura's parents are in their 80's and live by themselves (aging-in-place).  For bathing, they have to climb in and out of a Jacuzzi tub. Laura's Dad fell twice while doing it - both times end up with back surgery. Laura does not want to replace the tub with a walk-in tub because: 1. she doesn't know how long her parents would live there; 2. the current tub is very expensive and nice. Laura finally decided on the LiteShower™ Tall Model. Her parents are completely satisfied with our portable shower.

3. When the US department of Homeland Security builds up 3 emergency shelter centers in Massachusetts, they require portable showers that are low cost, quick to setup, and folding to reduce foot print. After extensive study and evaluation, they installed 18 LiteShower Tall Model showers.