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Standard Wheelchair Accessible Portable Shower




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Standard Portable Shower from



This model is our best seller. A person in a shower-wheelchair is rolled into the shower for bath. A person can also sit down on a bench inside the shower.

How it works:

  1. Place the self-supporting and collapsible shower tray on the floor;
  2. Roll your chair into the tray - tray collapses under the wheels but bounces back automatically ;
  3. Snap close together a pair of free-standing, folding shower screens around the tray. Screens have sliding shower curtains on all four sides. Drop the bottom of the curtains into the tray;
  4. Connect a handheld shower to your kitchen faucet with a single snap action. Control water temperature and flow at the faucet. Shower head has ON/OFF control button;
  5. Take shower;
  6. To drain waste water in the tray, you place a special water pump anywhere outside the tray. Pump has a suction hose going into the tray and a discharge hose that drains water into your sink or toilet. Pump can run dry and requires no prime - just plug in the power cord;
  7. Snap open the shower screens and fold them away;
  8. Roll your chair outside the tray;
  9. Snap off the handheld shower from the faucet - your faucet goes back to normal use;
  10. Fold the tray away.

Standard Portable Shower from Standard Portable Shower from Standard Portable Shower from Standard Portable Shower from Standard Portable Shower from Standard Portable Shower from


What's included
(1) handheld shower head with 7' hose
(1) adaptor to connect hose to faucet
(1) divert valve to connect hose to existing shower
(1) flexible wheelchair-accessible shower tray
(1) pair of shower screens with sliding curtains and hook
(1) pump with hose, filter for water water disposal


1. faucet adaptor (aerator type) has both male and female threads
2. Handheld shower head and faucet adaptor are pre-assembled
2. Shower screens require a one-time assembly with a screwdriver
3. Pump and hose connection required no tool (hand tightening only)

  • Design for people to sit down in the shower
  • Tray size: 3 ft wide by x 4 ft long
  • Tray weight: < 4 lbs
  • (2) bi-fold shower screens
  • Overall height: 4 ft tall
  • Each screen folded size: 4' tall x 4' wide x 2" thick
  • Each screen weight: 4 lbs
  • portable handicap showersOne-year warranty
  • UPC: 719926241878

Case Study:

1. Betty's mother is confined to a wheelchair. When Mom comes to visit, taking shower bath is a problem. Betty's house does not have a shower downstairs. Even if she does, getting her Mom into the shower would be a struggle. So Betty bought a shower wheelchair for $50 and a LiteShower™ Standard models. Now Betty sets up the shower in the 1st floor and rolls her Mom into shower for bath.

2. David's son was involved in an auto accident and was temporarily confined in a wheelchair. David doesn't want to spend over $10,000 to do a barrier-free shower for the temporary stay of his son. David uses the Standard Model to bathe his son and is very satisfied.

3. Kathy lives in an apartment and she's recovering from her foot surgery. Kathy cannot climb into the tub to take a shower. She uses the Standard Model and places a beach chair inside the shower.