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Uplift Commode Assist



Part No. CA200

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Priced at only $199, the Uplift Commode Assist is an economical, automatic lifting device that helps the user gently lower and raise themselves from a seated position, supporting and lifting up to 70% of the persons weight. The lifting action is provided by a self-powered, specially-designed lifting mechanism which does not require the use of batteries or electricity.

Versatile and sturdy, the Commode Assist can be used as a standalone or over a toilet.


This device is easy to use, fits in small spaces and is adjustable for smaller & larger people. It gives an extra boost from a sitting position & the legs can be raised high enough to give a person with weakened legs & arms the ability to stand! It's the best device we have purchased for the home! It's gives the caretaker a break from boosting a loved one up & gives the disabled a sense of personal freedom. Delivery was speedy too!!

Nancy      Parker, CO


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When ordering Commode Lifts, please specify gender, height and weight of the user.