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Tush Push TP 20 Toilet Seat Lift





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   Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from


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The TP-20AC has all the same features as the TP-10AC but is has a much higher weight capacity 500 pounds. This model utilizes two motors, adding significant lifting ability.

Lifts up to 500 Pounds

Two Powerful Motors


Safe, Strong, Dependable, and Portable.

Lifts to natural body movement.

Touch control handset for lifting action.

Arms automatically rise to the proper height of the user.

Removable arms can be turned over for more height.

In the down position the arms are lower than the seat for a slide board transfer.

Removable plastic shield for cleaning.Easy stand to sit position by leaning against the seat and lowering yourself to the toilet.

User friendly and easy to install.

Mounts on the bowl, replacing the seat.



"The Tush Push 20-AC has arrived and because I was concerned about the weight listed on the box I had my son in law weigh himself abd then hold the Tush Push 20-AC and it weighed 47# so I'm ok with it. My husband had a big smile on his face when he was able to nearly stand up for the first time rising. We are leaving the potty at about halfstaff so sitting is even easier. Thank you for your prompt attention. We'll be telling our friends about this wonderful aid and you may get more orders.We are in a retirement community in San Antonio, Tx with about 650 residents and nobody had ever heard of this product. I agree, if you have a lift chair in the living room this will certainly make life much easier for everyone.

Louis G


I am 60 and have been experiencing further weakness as I age, due to polio. A few years ago I replaced my standard commode with a "tall" model, which worked fine for a few years. As time passed, I needed to put a "seat riser" on top of my tall commode for me to get up without assistance. This worked for a few months, but the riser was unsightly and difficult to keep clean. As further weakness occurred, again, I was faced with being unable to rise from a commode without assistance. How embarrassing!

After researching on the Internet, I discarded most of them because of lack of features, poor quality, or exorbitant prices. I chose Phillips Lifts Systems "Tush Push." Mr. Phillips, contacted me by email and telephone and inquired about my circumstances and needs. He said he would ship a "Tush Push" to me the following day, when it arrived, to try it out and let him know how it went and if I had any questions about it.

My wife installed it on our commode, and within 30 minutes, I was "trying it out." It worked beautifully for me. I have even carried it on trips and used it in motel rooms. The design and the craftsmanship is flawless and the price is affordable. The "Tush Push" has given me back some independence I had lost and that is priceless."

Jim N



Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from   Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from

Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from

Accessories For the Tush Push Products:

Elongated Seat    $49  

Extended Arms    $150

Arm OPtion from

When ordering Commode Lifts, please specify gender, height and weight of the user.