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Tush Push TP 10 Toilet Seat Lift





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   Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from

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Phillips Lift Systems Inc. is the manufacturer of the TP 10AC powered toilet lift, making it available to all those who need to lift themselves to and from the toilet.

Lifts up to 300 Ponds


Safe, Strong, Dependable, and Portable.

Lifts to natural body movement.

Touch control handset for lifting action.

Arms automatically rise to the proper height of the user.

Removable arms can be turned over for more height.

In the down position the arms are lower than the seat for a slide board transfer.

Removable plastic shield for cleaning.Easy stand to sit position by leaning against the seat and lowering yourself to the toilet.

User friendly and easy to install.

Mounts on the bowl, replacing the seat.



After having thought of the various scenarios for the commode adaptation, we decided to just buy a toilet basin and mount it on a piece of plywood which would sit in the living room.  It was, cheaper, more stable and familiar for my father and we use the toilet as the commode.  But thanks for all your help in advising us. 
My father who was diagnosed with IBM (Inclusion Body Myositis) a few years ago initially had reservations about the Tush Push, but reluctantly agreed to try it out.  This disease is a deterioration of the skeletal muscles, and he was having major problems getting up and down off the toilet.  Well, the Tush Push passed the test with flying colors, and now my father can't live without it.  It has been such a gift and blessing to him over these years.  I think that Barry Phillips is a genius who has provided the world with an invention that truly serves humanity.   
Julie C


I have just found and purchsed a Tush Push. It is a toilet seat that lifts up by an electrical actuator. It works really great, and will lift a person from the sitting position to almost standing. It is made by Phillips Lift Systems.

Michael C


Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from   Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from

Phillips Tush Push Toilet Lift TP-10 AC  from

Accessories For the Tush Push Products:

Elongated Seat    $49   

Extended Arms    $150 

Elogated Arms for the Tush Push from

When ordering Commode Lifts, please specify gender, height and weight of the user.