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Minivator Bath Bliss 311 Bath Lift


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Bath Bliss 311 from  Bliss 311 from


Minivator: The #1 Selling Bath Tub Lift

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All Minivator bath lifts come with an ergonomic waterproof handset that is simple to use. Up and down are clearly marked, textured finishes and large buttons also make them easy to use for those with visual impairments.

Stability in the bath is provided thanks to the super sucker system which securely anchors your bath lift in place. The superior six sucker design provides even greater stability for baths with anti-slip surfaces.


I received my Lift in a very timely manner. It was easy to install for my friend that has cancer. She was very pleased. It has made a great difference for her. Im also happy with the type of batteries used. They are not the type the built up memory.

Ed Q Caldwell, ID

*See more customers below and on our Testimonials Page


Recognising that it is important the suckers grip well but also need to be easy to remove, we have included an integral quick release design. The handle on the bath lift's frame makes it easy to remove your bathlift leaving the bath clear for other users or for cleaning.

Your Minivator bathlift also has machine washable comfort covers (available in a choice of two colours) and can be used with bubble bath, bath salts or oil based bathing products.

Optional Swivel Slide Transfer Device from    Optiuonal Swivel Slide from

Optional Swivel and Slide Transfer Device Shown

Perfectly suited to your needs


The Minivator Bath Bliss will lower you straight up and down in the bath and recline when the seat reaches the bottom of the bath.

It gives a choice of three final recline positions 10°, 35° and 45°. You can easily determine which of these positions is used when fitting the back rest to the seat base. This position is set each time the back is fitted allowing you to change the recline position to suit different users.

Features and Benefits

  • Reclining seat with three reclining postions ensures that your bathing experience is as comfortable as possible.
  • Maximum seat height - 17.0ins
  • Minimum seat height (floor to seat when seat is in its lower position) - 2.5 in
  • Width of seat excluding flaps - 15ins
  • Width of seat with side flaps fully extended - 26.5ins
  • Maximum overall height of unit - 39.5ins
  • Length of unit in upright position - 26.4ins/
  • Backrest to front edge of seat - 19ins
  • Maximum width of backrest - 13.9ins
  • Seat to top of backrest - 22.9ins
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Frame
  • 1 year warranty on components
  • The Minivator Bath Bliss 311 has a unique locking scissor action enabling it to be removed from the bath in one piece.
  • The lift is compact and easy to store.
  • 6 suction cups beneath the bath lift ensure the highest level of stability and sturdiness.
  • Anti slip covers are removeable and fully washable.
  • The large surface area of the seat and folding sides provide the maximum possible surface area for transfering into and out of the seat.
  • Rechargeable control unit ensures no mains socket is required.
  • The ergonomic tactile handset unit makes the bath lift easy to control, even for users with limited dexterity.
  • Fully waterproof design keeps electrical parts safe.
  • Intelligent control unit will only allow lowering into the bath if it has sufficient charge to lift out. 

Bath Bliss 311 with Optional Swivel and Slide Board from  Bath Bliss 311 from

The Optional Swivel and Slide board is designed to further aid users who may have difficulty turning their body or who require assisted bathing.



They are placed on the bath lift seat to assist users in moving across the bath lift to a forward facing position, or in turning to exit the bath making transfer across the seat of the Bath Lift easier. 

To use a Swivel and Slide board you sit on a cushioned pad which slides across the seat thereby moving you into the centre of the bath lift seat in the ideal position to lower it in and out of your bath.


Optional Parts


Optional Swivel Slide $129.99



Replacement Parts


Hand Control and Charger for Bliss 311    $149
Hygenic Cover for Bliss 311                     $49
Hand Control and Charger for Sterling 303  $149



Bliss 311 Bath Lift from

Easy to bathe again

Minivator bathlifts bring a relaxing bath time back for people who find it difficult or painful to get in or out of their bath.

Easy to handle

The unique, patented frame clip means that you can lift the unit easily without the frame opening up when handled.

Also known as the Sterling Bath Tub Lift, the 311 is the bathlift that replaced the Sterling 303 Bath tub lift.

Bath Bliss Panorama from

Easy to use

To operate your bath lift lightly depress the button for the chosen direction of travel. To stop the bath lift at any time release the button.

The Bath Bliss will recline to your pre set final recline position once it has reached the end of its downward travel.

Easy to remove

The Bath Bliss divides into two pieces, each of which can be removed separately when the bathlift is in the down position.

Simply pull up on the release handle to release the front super suckers, then tilt the lift back to release the rear suckers and remove, leaving the bath clear for other users.

With a total weight of 10.7kg, the Bath Bliss is lightweight and easy to handle.

Easy to maintain

The Bath Bliss can be cleaned with non abrasive cleaners and the comfort covers can be removed for machine washing up to 60°.

Safe and sound

The sturdy frame means that the Minivator Bath Bliss reclining bath lift is capable of lifting up to 287lbs.

The strong but lightweight frame has a lifetime guarantee


With a choice of recline positions and anti-slip covers the Minivator reclining bath lift makes bathing safer, easier and relaxing again.

The Minivator Bath Bliss Reclining Bath Lift allows you to choose from three final recline positions. It will fit in most traditional baths and fits securely to the base of your bath. The quick release system means that it can be easily removed leaving your bath clear for other users.

As the bath lift moves down in the bath the back rest reclines allowing you to relax back in your bath whilst still being supported.

Available in a choice of two colours the comfort upholstery is machine washable.

The frame comes with a lifetime guarantee for additional peace of mind


Benefits of a Bath Lift


A bath lift is often preferable to a shower (and shower seat) because it offers you the muscle relaxing benefits that a soak in the bath has to offer.

Bath lifts are also often a preferred option over a walk in bath because the nature of such a bath is that you would need to get in when empty and wait for it to fill up. You then need to wait until the water has drained away before opening the door to exit the bath. This can cause discomfort as the user may get cold during either waiting period. The installation of these units may also be quite disruptive and could leave your bathroom in need of redecoration.

Your bath lift would be placed in the bath before the water goes in, the water is then added and you get in the bath once the water is at the desired temperature. You do not need to wait until you have emptied the bath to get out.

Most bath lifts do not require a skilled installation - they can be taken in and out of the bath to leave it clear for other users.



Client Reviews of the Minivator Bath Bliss 311



My wife, Opal, is very happy with the Bath Bliss 311 bath lift. She is like a cat under a Christmas tree. She says the lift is going to go wherever she goes. Seeing her happy makes me just as happy. The look on her face going up and down in the tub is priceless. I will defiantly refer friends to you guys.

L.D. P. Martinez, GA


Hi-- this is Ron, we got the Minivator Bliss bath lift seat a few days ago.   My wife likes it very much. With out it she was not able to enjoy a good hot bath. Thank you again.
Ron G     Springfield, OR

I am very happy with the Minivator bath tub lift. My father is able to take a bath by "HIMSELF"!

Philip W    Mancos, CO

I just wanted to give you an update the bath lift chair is GREAT!!!! At first my mother was VERY reluctant to try it but once I had her on the chair she was quite pleased. Extremely smooth running I was worried about jerkiness of movement).It makes getting in out of the bathtub so much easier and safer. Thank you for this fine product
Bill C New York, NY

The bath lift is wonderful I use it all the time now. I'ts great and works wonderful. This was a great buy for my husband, it makesbathing much easier for him.
Sharon S  San Francisco, CA
The Minivator 311 is the best thing since sliced bread for my mother. Very happy with this purchase. I ordered it on Monday, received it Wednesday. I can't wait to open up the box, but I must refrain until I get moved (moving out of state, after living in illinois for more than 40 years. This will be the best thing to look forward to when I get moved into my new home...thank you very much for a great product and a great price.
Charlene W   Chicago, IL

We have used the lift and we are satisfied beyond expectations. My brother can actually do the operation himself once he has been seated. It also options up the full depth for a bath and not just access to the shower. In closing, I would like to thank Carlos for the customer service.
Martha J     Houston, TX
Just wanted to let you know that the wife tells me every day how much she loves the Bath Bliss 311 tub lift chair that we purchased from you. It is quiet, safe, and goes extremely high for easy use and extremely low in order to set deeper in the water. Best product we have purchased in a long time

It arrived the next day to my Mother, and she has used it several times, loves the security that she can get in and out of the tub safely. Her grandson put it together in minutes and charged up the battery.
Stella P      Milwaukee, WI
My mother-in-law LOVES her Minivator Bath Bliss 311 and tells me thank you every time she sees me. It has definitely improved her quality of life. This is the best present I ever bought for her..
Mary D        Manchester, MO

Dear John, I got the Bath lift the other day. My mom was really surprised. She just tried it out and told me it was great. It is the best things she gotten in a long time.
Michael S     Lafayette, LA
My sister is a Mail Carrier and has told several people. They have asked for information about it. I will give then the web address and let my sister borrow the owners manual to show them.
Ed M     Colfax, NC

The lift arrived in good shape and after the initial charge we did a couple dry runs and then used it. My mother has used it several times and is extremely happy with the ability to take a bath vs. a shower again. Thank you for all your assistance.
Maria V    Albuquerque, NM