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Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bath Lift Bundle Packages


Bundle #1 $599

Bundle #2 $769

Bundle #3 $819

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Sonaris 2 XL Bath Lift Bundle #1   Sonaris 2 XL Bath Lift Bundle #2


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Our Bundles are special packages designed to save you money. The first Bundle is our fantastic Sonaris 2 XL bath lift but without the padded cover. Covers are fine for some but not for everybody. Bundle #2 includes the Sonaris 2 xl bariatric bath tub lift, the cover and our Swivel and Slide Transfer Aid. Bundle #3 includes the Sonaris 2 bath lift, Swivel and Slide and 2 extra suction cups to give greater adherence to the bottom of the tub.

Bundle Packages

Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bundle #1 includes:

  1. Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bath Lift  with cover           $899
  2. Delete the cover                                                  -$100                                       value                             $799

Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bundle #1 Final Price          $599



Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Combo #2 includes:

  1. Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bath Lift  with cover          $869
  2. Antimicrobial Swivel and Slide                               $129.99
  3.                                 value                                 $998.99

Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Combo #2 Final Price          $769



Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bundle #3 includes:

  1. Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL TubLift  with cover           $869
  2. Antimicrobial Swivel and Slide                              $129.99 
  3. 2 Extra Suction cups for better adhesion                $49                                      value                               $1047.99


  4. Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Combo #3                     $819



Replacement Charger               $79.00





Made in Germany

For tubs up to 18" deep, presents the German built Bathmaster Sonaris 2 bariatric Bath lift. The latest battery technology ensures high performance. The hand controller is small, lightweight and easy to use. It floats for an easy recovery if dropped and the lithium ion batteries provide improved performance and battery life. This lift features a 4 year warranty!


XL - 375 lb Capacity

The newly redesigned Bathmaster Sonaris 2 bariatric bath tub lift combines superb functionality, outstanding performance and great design giving the user a delightful bathing experience.  With a 375 pound weight capacity, you know this is a well built machine. Where other bath lifts are wobbly, this feels confident and steady. One of the unique features to this lift and its cover are that they are made of antimicrobial materials.



The single-button operation allows the user to descend and keep the backrest upright or to recline back to a more comfortable position, while retaining ample leg room to relax in the bath. The antimicrobial material is easy to clean, yet strong and durable to ensure stability and years of use. The lightweight seat and back simply click together easily for quick assembly, installation and removal. The Sonaris fits most shapes and sizes of bath tubs with suction-cup feet that may be angled in any direction to suit the curvature of the bath and to ensure stability and safety. Easy to operate.

Four Year Warranty

The Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL bariatric bathtub lift has a compact frame that fits virtually any tub and is one of the lightest reclining bath lifts available. It includes large side flaps and an optional swivel seat that allows easy transfer in and out of the bath. The sturdy motor provides long term durability.The waterproof motor is designed for long term protection against failure or damage. The controller plugs in, preventing damage to leads during transport. Includes a four year warranty.

Users Manual and Factory Specification Sheet

Users Manual Home Access Products is providing the users manual so that you can see the instructions for use. Of course, we include a copy of the manual in every carton. Some of our clients like to see the instructions before ordering. This is the absolute best bariatric bath tub lift om the market. Even if you don't need the 375 lb weight capacity of the Sonaris XL you will appreciate that the lift and the cover are made made of antimicrobial materials.

Features include:


Maximum Weight :

375 lbs.

Height :

2.50" x 18"

Back Rest :

26 3/4 " x 14 "

Maximum Recline :

40 degrees.

Over All Width (seat incl. side flaps) :


Width of Seat :

14.7 "

Depth of Seat :

18 "

Height of Backrest :

26.8 "

Width of Backrest :

14 "

Width of baseplate :


Length of Baseplate :

22 "


Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL 375 lb capacity bath lift from HomeAccessProducts Sonaris 2 hand control from HomeAccessProducts

The new hand controller contains the hi-tech but light weight Li-ion battery pack. The pack has an LED low battery warning light and will beep audibly if the charge runs low.

Sonaris 2 XL bath lift - Made in Germany Sonaris 2 bath lift

One of the most best features of the Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bariatric bath lift is the super fast one-hour charging time. Comparable bath lifts available today take overnight to re-charge. Bathmaster Reclining Bath Lifts are the only lifts on the market today that fully charge in one-hour. Once the bath lift has completed its descent, the reclining level is adjusted using the triple sealed waterproof hand controller. The user can select any angle of recline up to 40° to achieve the most comfortable and safe position. Speed is decreased and sufficient legroom is maintained during the reclining of the backrest for the comfort of the user.

Carlos opeining the box Sonaris 2 is antimicrobial


Large Flaps for Easy Transfer

Large flaps on the side of the Bathmaster Reclining Bathlifts allow for easy transfers and an optional swivel slide seat or swivel transfer seat are available as an assistive aid for transfer in and out of the bath tub. When assisting seniors or disabled individuals from a wheelchair or other seated position, the swivel slide seat accessory proves invaluable!

The Bathmaster Sonaris XL Bariatric Reclining Bath Lift features advanced battery technology that allows approximately 6 lifts on one full charge, and can be fully charged in only 1 hour. An audible beeping sound and warning light notify you when the reclining bath lift needs to be charged, and an intelligent built-in safety system prevents the lift from lowering unless it has enough power to raise the user out of the bathtub.






Sonaris 2 XL with Swivel and Slide Transfer Aid from HomeAccessProducts Bathmaster Sonaris 2 XL Bath Lift with Swivel and Slide from HomeAccessProducts



Swivel (without slide)             $99.00



Swivel Slide  Transfer Aid      $129.99



Replacement Cover (Blue)      $129.99



Replacement Charger               $79.00



Replacement Hand Control         $149



Swivel Slide Transfer Aid          $129.99





Sonaris 2 bath lift Sonaris 2 bath lift Sonaris 2 Bath Lift from HomeAccessProducts



The Bathmaster Sonaris 2 is a patient bathing device intended to assist a disabled, handicapped or elderly personbather into and out of the bath. This makes it easier for a caregiver to provide service, requires no plumbing or electrical installation and is
suitable for use in either domestic or institutional situations. The bath lift folds compactly, and separates into two parts, enabling it to be carried, transported and stored easily.

The Bathmaster Sonaris XL 2 Bariatric bath lift is easily positioned in any standard bath. The frame stands on four suction feet that may be rotated to suit the curved floor of the bath. Integral ‘pull- up’ tabs on the suction feet, plus a rear release system, enable the Bathmaster Deltis to be easily removed from the bath. Replacement components and accessories are available.

The Bathmaster bathtub lift from Home Access Products includes the following components:
• White plastic lower seat section with side transfer flaps and four suction feet

• Comfort Cover
• White plastic backrest with motor and cable
• Two side flap protectors
• Hand controller containing battery pack with LED low-battery warning light
and audible bleep
• Battery recharger with country specific lead and plug

• User instructions

Deltis Bath Lift from HomeAccessProducts     Deltis Bath Lift from HomeAccessProducts

The reclining backrest allows optimum positioning, giving both comfort and support.


Comments from some of our bath lift Purchasers - see more on our Testimonials page


My wife is very impressed with the bath lift! It's just wonderful, it's the first time in years that she has been able to soak in the tub. She can soak her legs and her back. It's so relaxing, It helps her sleep better at night.


Glyn L Wichita, KS


I am very impressed with the bath lift. It's just wonderful, I had a double knee replacement and bad arthritis. This helps me out so much. I love being able to soak in the tub. Before I was able to get in but getting out was very hard. Today I don't have that problem.


John J Mt Sterling, KY