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Bath Lifts & Chairs Make a Great Gift! carries 10 different models of bath lift. With a variety of products and pricing, we're bound to have one that's a perfect fit. We have bariatric lifts, bath lift bundles, stainless steel lifts with 10 year warranty, even clearance items. More info on Bath Tub Lifts. 

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For tubs up to 18" deep

Bathmaster Deltis from HomeAccessProducts

Made in Germany



Tubs up to 18.8" deep

Drive Bellavita with white cover from


Peterpan Bath Lift

After Coupon

Do the Math and Save!

Free Swivel Cover


Deltis Premium


$100 Coupon

$399 Final Price


Do the Math and Save!

Free Cover


Bellavita Bathlift

$565 price 
- Coupon

$___ Final Price

Do the Math and Save!

Fast Shipping / Free Cover


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More Bath Tub Lifts



Bathmastr Sonaris 2


10 year Warranty



Deeper Bathlift from



Aqua Joy Premier Bathlift from




Sonaris 2


$200 Coupon

$639 Final Price

Fast Shipping / Free Cover

375 lb Capacity
Made in Germany
4 Year Warranty




Deeper Bathlift
For Tubs

Up to 19" Deep
Sale $749

10 Year Warranty!

Stairless Steel
375 lb Capacity

Aquajoy Bath Lift

Up to 18"

Only $699
-$35 Instant Rebate


Want it for Less? Call 800-514-5774



Want it for Less? Call 800-514-5774





Bellavita with Swivel Slide Transfer Aid from
Bellavita Bumdle #1 from HomeAccessProducts







Information and FAQ on Bath Tub lifts

These different models have some similarities. They are held in place with suction cups. Assembly and installation are completed in less than 10 minutes. No tools are required. All of our bath lifts are powered by rechargable battery packs located in the hand controls. To ensure safety, the hand controls are disconnected from the lifts while they are charging.

The battery pack is typically recharged overnight, once a week. As an additional safety nfeature, if the pack does not have enough power to raise the bather up, it will not allow descent.

Once the bather is seated on the tub lift, push the down button. As the lift lowers, the side flaps automatically fold up. When the lift is in the down position, push a button and the back will recline. If you would rather sit up, just don't recline the back.

We get calls everyday asking "Will Medicare pay for a bath tub lift?" Unfortunately, Medicare will not cover this expense. Occasionally it will be covered by private insurance but most of these companies will make a person wait for months before they approve the purchase.

A bath lift for the elderly makes a great gift! Hard to find a good gift for Mom or Dad? They love soaking in the tub. Hip surgery or knee surgery make it hard to get out of the bath tub? A bathtub lift will make it easy to use the tub again.

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Return Policy

Measuring a bath tub for a lift

If you are in the process of selcting a bath lift, you want to make sure it will fit your needs. A few questions will help you determine the right lift.

  1. How deep is your bath tub? Measure the inside depth. When the lift is in the top position, a side flap should be supported by the side of the tub. Going higher than the side of the tub may cause instability.
  2. How wide is your tub? Measure the inside width at the top. When the side flaps are extended, they should cross over aand be supported by the side where you enter the tub.
  3. How long is your tub? Measure the inside length at the bottom and the top of the tub. The further back you place the seat, the more leg room you will have.
  4. What does the bather weigh? All of our bath lifts will accomodate 285 lbs. Some have capacities up to 350Lbs.
  5. Will the user need a transfer device to get to the middle of the bathtub lift seat? Our Swivel and Slide Transfer Device can be added to any of our bath lifts, just check for the "Options" link on the product page.

Walk-In Bathtubs

We have been selling safe bathing products since 2004. We decided years ago to not sell walk in bath tubs for several reasons. If you really need a walk in tub we can refer you to a reputable dealer.


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Some comments from our clients, see more at Testimonials 


My Mom is really enjoying the Bath Lift and so happy to be back in the tub to soak her aching legs.   We are hoping your product is the answer to help her relieve some of her pain.

Thank you for your prompt service.

Sandy F  Lancaster, NY

My mother was looking for a bath lift and asked me to help her do some research. She specifically asked me to look into the BellaVita bath lift by Drive. Before I could get back to her, she placed an order for the BellaVita bath lift through another company but I quickly cancelled the order when I found the same exact bath lift for sale by Home Access Products at less than HALF THE COST that the other company was asking. I placed an order with Home Access Products. My order was delivered very quickly and the product arrived in perfect condition. I really appreciate the fact that Home Access Products includes on their web site a video that shows you how to set up the bath lift.  I also received a "follow up" email from Home Access Products asking how I liked the products. From start to finish, Home Access Products provided fast service, the best price I could find, and excellent "after purchase" customer care. I would highly recommend that anyone who is looking for mobility products or home care solutions look to Home Access Products. I am very pleased.
Karin H Clarkesville, GA


We received our bath tub lift and swivel and slide and my Mother absolutely loves them. She said everybody should own these! It has been a while since she has soaked in the tub. I was very impressed with all the great customer service and how friendly your staff is. I will defiantly will recommend your company to anybody that is in need of this.

Rebecca B Chesterfield, MO


All I can say is that I am tickled pink! I recently had back surgery and was unable to get in and out of my Jacuzzi bathtub. I decided to order the bath lift from and was delighted to know that I was able to get it for such a good price AND that it only took a few days to reach me. Now, I can enjoy soaking in the bathtub once again.

-          Charles D  Chase City, VA


Dear John,
We received the bath tub lift today, and I had it up and running
in minutes. My wife, who has bad knees, has used it already, and she said,
"WE WILL KEEP THIS!!!" It is the first time in years that she has had a
Thank you for the discount and the FAST shipping. We will recommend this
lift to all our family and friends.
With warmest regards
Glyn L Wichita, KS


The bath tub lift works well. So far so good. My wife is using it. She can't manipulate in and out of the tub on her own. I was surprised how fast you got it here. She took a bath for her birthday and loved it!

Willim B Smyrna, DA


My Mom is so happy with her new Home Access Products bath lift. She tells her friends how much she enjoys taking baths again. She says "It is better than sliced bread".

Margaret Y Texarkana, TX


I haven't been to have a bath since 2003 in November because of the extensive surgeries I've had but since I have this bath tub lift device I'm able to get that bath and get into the water all the way down to the bottom of the tub and have a bath I really have wanted. I'm so pleased the first time that I had a bath I decided to have three baths  and washed  myself the first time and then let the water out and then I had two more baths after that just to soak. I'm just so pleased with having a good bath and I feel secure and comfortable I don't have any fear of sitting there going up or down on the device.  thank you so much I'm so pleased with my new seat and I'm glad that I'm able to get a bath and get all the way down to submerge my lower extremities to take a bath and I'm so clean I'm pleased beyond measure thank you so much and I appreciate all that it has done for me and will be doing for me in the future.
Margaret B Toledo, OH
I wanted to thank you for your assistance and great customer services. I purchased the Bellavita Bath Lift for my dad last week and we love it. We also loved how fast the chair arrived.
Thank you so much for the great service, great product and great shipping.  
Irene S    Lincoln, NE


The bath chair has been life changing for my mother....she absolutely loves it. Great product.

Gene N    Spring, TX


The bathtub lift is working just fine the added degree of safety !

Chrisoula E    Palo Alto, CA


Hello. My Mom, Janet, loves the chair, she uses it everday. It's been so many years since she has been able to sit in a tub of water. Thanks.
Janet P     Great Falls, MT


I want to let you know that I received the lift three days after I ordered it. Such fast service! I'm using it in a wide, oval tub. I set the chair closer to the side that I get in and it works just fine.

Doris R  Thompson, CT


I love it--works great!!!  Just wish it fit a little further back in my tub so I could stretch out my legs, but don't think there is room.
Thanks--my rotator cuff thanks you.
Susan W Gibbon, NE


My experience with Home Access has been very positive. When I have had a question, their customer service department has been there to help. If I needed parts, they have been in stock and shipping was very fast to get my order processed and delivered.
I give Home Access an A+++ for all customer services.
R Warnick
Pittsburgh, PA